Terms and Conditions


Meadow Brook Inn and the above named Client, in consideration of the payment made and to be made by the Client and the promises undertaken by Meadow Brook Inn, do hereby agree that Meadow Brook Inn will provide to the Client its services and a portion of its premises for the purpose of enabling Client to host the function described on cover page of the Agreement.

Function Selection

Client shall complete all menu and other selections no later than four (4) months prior to the function date, at which time the final estimated price may be determined. Client will work with Meadow Brook Inn’s Special Events Manager to complete the Function Selection Sheet (BEO) which is incorporated in and deemed part of this Agreement. Once executed by Client, the Function Sheet shall be deemed to reflect the final choices of Client, upon which Meadow Brook Inn shall rely on in preparing for the function. Changes in the function selection may be made at any time after the Client’s execution of the Function Selection Sheet, but no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the function date. Thereafter, changes may be made only with the approval of Meadow Brook Inn’s Special Events Manager and the total function cost will be amended accordingly. When more than one entrée is selected, Client is required to guarantee the number of each entrée and provide a means of identifying which guest receives which entrée. In the event that unexpected guests attend Client’s event, Meadow Brook Inn will make every attempt to serve the same menu items selected for the event, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Client agrees to pay for additional unexpected guests at the end of the event.

Special Menus

Any food allergies or dietary restrictions must be communicated to Meadow Brook Inn at least thirty (30) days prior to the event and must be noted on client’s seating chart.

Guest Guarantee

A final guaranteed guest count shall be furnished six (6) weeks prior to the event and cannot be reduced after this time. This represents the number of dinners for which you will be billed. If your attendance exceeds the guarantee, billing will be for the actual number of guests in attendance. Meadow Brook Inn will be prepared to serve 3% over your guaranteed figure. Increases in attendance are accepted up to 3 days prior to your event. A 100-guest minimum is required for a Saturday evening event.

Function Cost

Total function cost will be determined when Client makes all final selections and final head count and entrée counts are provided. A 20% taxable service fee, 7% State Sales Tax and 1% Meal and Beverage Tax will be added to the Client’s total bill. Sales Tax will not be applied if an organization is considered non-profit and is able to provide Meadow Brook Inn with a tax exemption certificate for the said organization. Menu prices are published periodically and are subject to change. While every attempt is made to insure that the price for food and beverage items remains constant, the volatility of markets makes it impossible to guarantee pricing beyond 30 days. Prices are subject to change.

Date Reservation Fees and Payment

All reservations are tentative until a contract is executed and date reservation fee is paid. A retainer of $1000.00 is required at the time of booking. Six months prior to your event, an additional $2,000.00 date reservation fee is due. All date reservation fees paid will be deducted from the Client’s final invoice. All date reservation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment of remaining balance is due THIRTY (30) days in advance of the function and is based on the final guarantee. All payments must be made in the form of certified bank check, money order or cash. Final payments made with a credit card will incur a 6% surcharge. Any additional charges incurred during the event that are not covered by the invoice will be due and payable on the day of the function. No function will take place unless Client’s final invoice is paid

THIRTY (30) days prior to Client’s event.

Meadow Brook Inn’s ballroom is available seven days a week at the following times:

  • Daytime Wedding with On-Site Ceremony: 10:30am-4:00pm
  • Daytime Wedding without On-Site Ceremony: 11:00am-4:00pm
  • During daytime events, bands and disc jockeys must finish playing at 3:45pm.
  • Evening Wedding with On-Site Ceremony: 5:30pm-11:00pm
  • Evening Wedding without On-Site Ceremony: 6:00pm-11:00pm

During evening events, bands and disc jockeys must finish playing (5) minutes prior to contracted end time unless client contracts additional time.


On site ceremony duration is 30 minutes and includes outdoor chair set-up and breakdown, outdoor bar set-up and a thirty-minute rehearsal prior to event date. A two-hour notice must be given to move ceremony inside due to inclement weather. Ceremony fee is $500.

Site Fee

Site fee for Saturday event is $4,000 which includes chairs, tables, flatware, glassware, china and an event coordinator for the duration of your event. Site fee for Sunday – Friday (non-holiday) is $3,000.


Function duration is 5 hours (includes one hour for cocktails and 4 hours for reception). $500.00 per hour fee is applied after the contracted 5-hour duration.

Food – Beverage – Bar Service

Due to insurance and health code regulations, all food and beverage must be provided by Meadow Brook Inn with the exception of wedding cake and wedding favors. Outside caterers are not permitted. All food and beverage items prepared by Meadow Brook Inn and not consumed during the Client’s event remain the property of Meadow Brook Inn and may not be removed from venue after a function. In accordance with Rhode Island State Law, alcoholic beverages may not be brought on or removed from the premises by Client, vendors or guests of the Client. A Board of Health Licensed Baker must prepare wedding cakes. Both cash and open bar options are available. Open bar is calculated on a consumption basis and Client will settle bar tab at the end of the event. Meadow Brook Inn reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone at any time. We reserve the right to discontinue bar service for any reason. Bar service ends one half hour before contracted end time of event. All guests, including the bridal party, require proper identification. No alcohol may be purchased and/or served to any guest under the age of 21. Meadow Brook Inn practices responsible alcohol service and will refuse service to any guest or patron deemed to be intoxicated. Bartender Fee is $125/bartender for the entire event.

Function Termination

In the event that the client cancels this agreement, the client agrees that Meadow Brook Inn shall be entitled to retain Date Reservation Fee(s) as partial compensation for the loss of business sustained by Meadow Brook Inn. Cancellation requests must must be made be made in writing.</span.

Meadow Brook Inn is not liable for the failure to complete this contract due to strikes, accidents, and interruption in utilities, adverse weather or acts of God such as fire, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemics or other calamity. Meadow Brook Inn reserves the right to cancel engagements due to these circumstances; compensation provisions previously set forth shall apply. Meadow Brook Inn also reserves the right to terminate this agreement prior to the function date if Client fails to make payments when due or if Client fails to meet deadlines imposed by this Agreement. If Meadow Brook Inn terminates the function, the termination and compensation provisions previously set forth shall apply.


All decorations must comply with local and state fire codes. Please do not affix decorations or signs to the walls, doors, fixtures or ceilings with materials other than those approved by Meadow Brook Inn. No nails, tacks, tape or adhesives may be used. The use of confetti is prohibited; if confetti is used in any capacity a $150.00 clean up fee must be paid prior to the completion of the function. Only fresh flower petals may be used during the ceremony. Artificial petals are not permitted and if used, the Client will incur a $150 clean up fee that must be paid prior to the completion of the function. 


Client is responsible for ensuring that all contracted vendors and performers act in accordance with all local and State laws, regulations and ordinances as well as Meadow Brook Inn’s rules and policies. 

No less than six months prior to event date, the Client is required to submit a list of all vendors for Meadow Brook Inn’s approval prior to client contracting said vendors. If a vendor is not approved by Meadow Brook Inn, the client is responsible for submitting an alternate vendor for Meadow Brook Inn’s approval.

All outside vendors are required to submit a certificate of insurance to Meadow Brook Inn one month prior to the function date. If certificate of insurance is not received prior to event, vendor will not be permitted to perform/provide services on Meadow Brook Inn property. We reserve the right to limit the volume of musical entertainment. Entertainment enhancing machinery must be approved prior to the event. Pyrotechnics of any kind are strictly prohibited. Any third party vendors hired or otherwise utilized by the Client shall be deemed agents of the Client and not Meadow Brook Inn. Meadow Brook Inn will not be liable for any claims of any nature made by such agents, and Client shall indemnify and hold Meadow Brook Inn harmless from the claims of any such agents.

Client shall instruct all vendors that access to Meadow Brook Inn is available two hours prior to event start time and vendor access shall be through service entrances. All vendors must vacate the property within one hour after the conclusion of the event. Florists are responsible for placing arrangements in appropriate locations. All floral equipment/décor must be removed at the conclusion of event. 

Miscellaneous Fees/Package Upgrade Options

  • Bride’s Changing Room- Fee is $300 and mimosas, soft drinks, bottled water, a cheese & cracker and an attendant areprovided. Arrival time for Bride’s Changing Room is 1.5 hours prior to start time of the event. Bride’s Changing Room isavailable prior to event only and will be locked and inaccessible for the duration of the event due to insurance carrierregulations. All personal belongings must be removed prior to the ceremony.
  • Chairs Covers – $3 per chair
  • Table Runners – $8 each
  • Non-Alcoholic events will incur an additional fee.
  • Late fees will be assessed if second deposit and final payment are submitted after designated due date.

Theft or Damage

Client shall be liable to Meadow Brook Inn for theft or damage to Meadow Brook Inn property caused by any guests or agents of Client. Meadow Brook Inn shall not be liable to Client for the theft or damage to any personal property of Client or Client’s guests, except as may be directly attributable to the negligence of Meadow Brook Inn.

Indemnification by Client

Client agrees to indemnify Meadow Brook Inn and to hold Meadow Brook Inn harmless from and against any claims, demands, liabilities or damages made or suffered by any guest or agents of Client or any employees of Meadow Brook Inn, if the same are caused by any action or omission of Client or any guest or agent of client.

Pandemic Clause

Meadow Brook Inn is obligated to follow all pandemic protocols set forth by the RI Department of Health and RI Department of Business Regulations for venues, weddings and special events including but not limited to capacity limits and service modifications. In the event of a random act of God, environmental distress or global pandemic, contagion/virus shutdown and if state or federal mandates prohibit the occurrence of your event, Meadow Brook Inn will release Client from the within agreement less the paid non-refundable date reservation fee(s)/booking fees, if the client elects not to reschedule event. If state and federal mandates allow event to take place but with limited capacity restrictions and Client elects to cancel and not modify event capacity or postpone event, date reservation fee(s) are non-refundable. If the Client elects to reschedule/postpone event, client may do so within the same calendar year to keep the same pricing/policies and an amended contract will be required. If the Client postpones to a date outside of the contracted calendar year, a new contract will be generated/signed and the new year’s pricing will apply. All Date Reservation Fee(s) will follow Client to new contracted date. A $150 non-refundable rescheduling fee will be assessed for every date change.